Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A little bit of culture

I was a kid of the Reagan era. I wore fluorescent sock, rocked out to Cyndi Lauper, begged my mother for a Cabbage Patch Kid and New Kids on the Block records. I even used the words "totally" and "hella" so many times that I still find myself blurting them out in regular conversation. (embarassing!)

I guess it was back in December... UPN was playing Krush Groove on a Saturday. I sat there and soaked up the music and style of Run DMC, The Fat Boys and LL Cool J. It made me reminisce about the 80's and all of the pop culture I loved. I began a mini-mission to bring a little bit of 80's culture to my daughter before she is old enough to realize that is probably a bit wierd and dorky of me to push it on her.

With the help of Netflix we've watched Breakin', Krush Groove, and ET. My little one dug on Breakin'. She's been trying to do back and neck spins ever since. Krush Groove only held her intention when Shelia E was singing. Funny, huh? That is who she was drawn to most. E.T. scared her so we didn't get past him collecting Elliot's skittles.

This week is The Jefferson's. I know they aren't a 80's show, but back in the day the Bay Area's channels 44 and 2 played the best re-runs and The Jefferson's was one of them. George, Weezy, Florence, Bently and the Willis' are hilarious. Simply story lines with great one-liners. So funny!

I wonder if there is a 3's Company DVD. That would be great to watch as well.

That's my effort to spread a little bit of culture in this world. I shared them with my kid and now I share them with you. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside :)