Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blogger and Browsers

To all my non-technical friends,

There is a world beyond Microsoft Internet Explorer (I.E.) that I think you will enjoy. You should think about downloading FireFox and/or Opera. FireFox adheres to web standards so many websites display better. Opera has a tabbing system and other features that you've always needed, but never knew you wanted.

Right now, I have all three installed on my work and home computers. I prefer FireFox because most websites that adhere to web standards work brilliantly with it. I am also experimenting with Opera. It has a tendency to loop endlessly or take a while to load some pages - particularly dynamic sites. I'm not sure why, but the tabbing system is awesome.

A final note on FireFox - the person that leads Mozilla Foundation (the non-profit organization that develops FireFox) is a woman. Her name is Mitchell Baker. She has been successful in getting a bunch of developers from over the world to create a browser that competes with a mult-billion dollar company. It is pretty freakin' admirable.