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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

N2: Drupal Tips and Tricks

I'm at the NetSquared conference and attending the "Drupal Tips and Tricks".

* There are some things you can't theme out without hacking it.
* What is themeable should be considered on a per-module basis.
* You have control of the the html and rss accessibility is our control.
* phptemplate is now what is the default in the core distribution. xtemplate is having problems with php5
* What does it mean for something to be themeable? look at the modules, any function that begins with the word theme in *.module; can look at drupal api for theme_*
* in 4.7 you have user defined regions; in previous versions you only had 2
* define regions in template.php
* there is a function in the api that can help you determine if you are on the front page
* theming by node type - i.e. node-blog.tpl.php
* Drupal security:

Neil Drumm and Courtney Miller.