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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

San Jose Chamber of Commerce Should be Appropriately Penalized

The South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council ( along with many organizations in San Jose issued this statement to the Elections Committee earlier today:

"San Jose’s policies regarding limits on campaign contributions allow voters and taxpayers of average means the opportunity to be significant and respected parts of the political process. Stated simply, they create at least a somewhat level playing field that permits our voices to be heard.

When an organization violates those laws in order to generate tens of thousands of mailings and phone calls to voters, it destroys that barrier against the overwhelming influence of money upon which we have come to depend. Essentially, it threatens the most basic rights of the rest of us to support the candidates of our choice in a meaningful way.

The report of the investigators hired by the Commission indicates clearly that:
1)The facts in the case are not in dispute, and
2)The Chamber of Commerce violated the city’s limits on campaign contributions.

We urge the Elections Commission to take immediate action to restore the integrity of the political process in San Jose. Do not be dissuaded by self-serving and deceptive claims that mailings obviously aimed at attacking a candidate are some sort of rational discussion of issues.

We further urge the Commission to impose a penalty strong enough so that in the future other organizations will not be tempted to violate our laws in such an extensive manner."

I fully agree with them and hope you do to. Violation of democratic processes are not only offensive, they are whole-heartedly WRONG.

If you'd like more information about this issue you can call Anabel at (408)266-3760.