Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bloggity blog-blog

I don't know what "bloggity blog-blog" is supposed to mean, although find myself saying it when I encounter something interesting that I could theoretically blog on.

Honestly, there have been a million things I've wanted to blog on lately, but I find that I have only enough time to work, take care of my baby bean, and handle required adult things like bills and housekeeping.

There are lots of things on my to-do wish list, but I figure I will get to them when the time is right. "Simplify and focus" is my current mantra and it's suiting me well.

I am a dreamer, but not in that artsy, can't-hold-a-job kinda-way that many other people are. I am a dreamer that is constantly trying to find the right dream that can be shifted to a full-fledged plan....the kind of plan that, in the past, has landed me back in school or finding another job. The thing is, I don't want either of those things right now.

Right now I want to keep the job that I have, and school just doesn't sound appealing. While I've concluded that at some point during the last eight years I traded my dreams for plans, my dreams aren't always as brilliant or focused as they have been in the past...and the plans are less enthusiastically executed.

My "simplify and focus" mantra really doesn't create room for dreaming big so over time I am sure I will grow tired of it and get back to my dream big, act big way of being.

So there is my bloggity blog-blog for today. It might be a big waste of 0's and 1's, but that is the beauty of blogging - you never have to worry about the value of your words, you can just let them express whatever truth you are experiencing during an otherwise inconsequential moment in your life.