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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Newsyslog issue

I modified some newsyslog entries because my web access files were being trimmed to 100k. That means lost data. I modified the entries in /etc/newsyslog.conf to:

/the/correct/directory 644 5 * $W6D0 Z

The only things I changed were the "*" which was previously "100" in reference to log trimming, and "$W6D0" which was previous "*".

The log rotated and now nothing is being logged to the file. The latest log simply states:

Apr 2 01:00:41 myserver newsyslog[61593]: logfile turned over

Running a FreeBSD system, fyi.

I found descriptions of this type of problem at and FreeBSD Diary.

I restarted Apache. I verified it is now logging.

My next step if that didn't work
HUP the newsyslog processes. kill -HUP newsyslog

Lessons learned
1) Always restart Apache after making changes to configuration files.
2) You can find a process's id by doing ps -auwx | grep