Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chicanas on the Verge

Even though I have a Master's degree and enjoy people paying me to work, from time to time I wonder if I should be in academia. After all that is what I was mentored to do.

The top ten lists Chicanas on the Verge put out made me laugh so hard. What would smart Chicana students do without all of those amazing Chicana professors out there?

My favorite top ten was this:

Chicanas on the Verge...

As a caveat, we'd like to say that we are not
proud of our addictions.
All we know for certain is that the
first step to recovery is
admitting you have problems...

10. Pedicures/Manicures

9. Hair products (to make our hair curly, straight, soft,
wavy, anti-flyaway, glossy, slick and for frizzy,
color-treated, coarse, dry, chlorinated, stressed and
sassy hair -- we've tried them all)

8. Lip stick/gloss (we'll put it on anywhere, anytime, no
concern for who's watching -- perhaps not in front of
people who might want to hire us)

7. Over-achieving

6. Dancing (you know you're an addict when you dance
until your partner's hands slide right off your back
because you've been dancing for 3 hours and now
you're all sweaty along with every other body in that
hot, steamy club)

5. Ibuprofen

4. Caffeine in all its enticing forms. This includes
chocolate, coffee, and diet coke

3. Red red wine

2. Sexy men (particularly those with salsa rhythms
running through their veins)

1. Books (you have to read a ton in order to complete a
PhD program anyway so you might as well make them
your number one addiction)"

It was like they read my mine.

Con safos, Mujeres!