Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bloggity, Blog, Bloggin'

I'm sitting at my desk, sleeping with my eyes open. The 1/2 cup of 'Bucks I've downed in the past 15 minutes hasn't done a thing for me yet.

Mornings like these are good for blogging. Push out all of the clutter in my mind. I haven't had time to blog...for months, really. Or perhaps, I'm just not taking the time I once did for this kind of thing. Instead I've been HAPPILY bouncing between having fun with friends and making things happen at ABI.

On the friend front, I've been spending a lot more time with those that matter most. Between the food, cocktails and hikes, I'm having amazing conversations. We share one another's pain and success. We are finding humor in the complexities of our humaness. Ok, I'm starting to sound like so dull self-help book, so let me tell you what it comes down to - I'm happy, fulfilled. So much of it is due to my friends - old and new.

On the work front, there are days I wish I could put another 3 or 4 hours a day in, so I can feel caught-up (whatever that means), or just ahead of the curve. With ABI growing so quickly I know its a pipe dream. Things are moving along. Women of Vision in about a month. Awards nominations full speed ahead. Website nearly ready for launch. And best of all, the Comm's team is throwin' down daily.

That's my bloggity, blog, bloggin' moment for now.