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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Orphaned .OST

I got an orphaned .ost. .OST is a file that Outlook creates when you first define a profile. For security purposes you cannot associate an .ost file with any profile. It can only be opened by the profile that created it. The problem? Well, if you delete a profile the .ost file is left behind and there is no way to open it because you cannot prove that you are the user associated with it.

There are bunch of free utilities that pop up to convert .ost files to .pst - .pst can be associated with any profie, btw. But I haven't found one that works.

I wonder why Microsoft doesn't give an warning message indicating the .ost file will become orphaned? Or at the very least give you fair warning that it is going to delete your .ost file. What's the use of keeping it if you can't access the data held inside of it?

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