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Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Need to Talk

In case there was any doubt, here is some hard evidence she is in charge.

It Was All for Mary

I feel privileged that I got to take part in Rina's journal....and I am hoping that the money Rina raised will help a woman like Mary.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Every Three Minutes

Every three minutes someone in the walk was given one of these ribbons that you see Rina wearing. It represents the reality that no one knows when they may be diagnosed with the disease. When Rina was given this ribbon at mile 8.5 of day two it brought the reality of the illness to me.

Mary Davis' world was forever changed when she received her diagnosis and Rina saw it happen, unable to do more than be there for Mary. After that every step Rina took was made with greater purpose and with immense hope that one day a cure will be found.

Breast Cancer Center

This breast cancer center exists because of the generous support of the Avon Walk. Over the past several years the race has given 16 million so it may exist. Walking past it was a great reminder that the money donated goes to helping real people be treated for breast cancer.


At a rest stop with a rock 'n roll theme, I ran into this cone with cones. It made me laugh out loud.

The view from 20th

Rina climbed the hill on Connecticut between 16th and 20th. It was steep and hot, but the view was fabulous once we got to the top.

No Cancer, "That's hot!"

Parking is a Science in San Francisco

The great part about the 2nd day of the walk is that it took the walkers through the different neighborhoods of San Francisco. I geeked out on this outdoor parking lot where hydraulic lifts would lift customer' vehicles so other customer's vehicles could be parked below them. Pretty damn sweet.

An Appreciation of All Things Corny

Me and my friends don't take ourselves too seriously. When we encountered this Randy Jackson reference we had to stop to capture the corny moment.

Day Two

Rina did fabulously on Day 1, so I decided I wanted to be sure I was there every step of the way on Day 2.

When I got to her hotel that morning she had this memorial for Mary. She wore it with love for her friend.

Rest Stop 5

It was long day for Miss Rina. She got up before the sun rose, so making it to mile 22.1 in such great spirits was inspiring to me. I think I would have been grouchy by then ;)


At every corner walk crew members and signage kept things fun with humor. This sign was placed at just the right location when walkers may have been asking themselves "Are we there yet?"

Water Beetles

It was so, so, so great to have Leah in town! She found this water beetle. You can't tell from this picture, but it was rather large.

Tu-Tus for Ta-Tas

Every rest stop had a theme. This one in Mill Valley was "Tu-Tus for Ta-Tas". It was very sweet to see mothers and daughters wearing tu-tus cheering the walkers on, knowing that a cure for breast cancer could one day save the lives of the girls there.

Mill Valley

Several miles later we met Rina in Mill Valley. In addition to quality wicking fabrics, body glide protected Rina's feet from the rub of asphalt and rocky paths.

Leah, currently training for a triathlon, coached Rina by shouting "Quick transition!" and giving Miss Rina pep talks.

Avon Walk Kick-Off

My good friend Rina did the San Francisco Avon Walk in honor of her friend Mary Davis that passed away earlier this year from breast cancer.

I am proud of Miss Rina's accomplishment! Not only did she walk 39 miles over a two day period she also raised over $2000 for the cause. I think Mary would be proud as well.

So here (and the posts that follow) is some of what I saw as I watched Rina's journey unfold.


Me, our friend Leah, and Rina's mom (Remi) surprised Rina on the Marin side of the Golden Gate bridge. With cow bells and signs, we cheered for the walkers as "Hookers for Hooters" sang "I Will Survive" and would announce the presence of "the few, the proud, the men!"

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Open Source panel podcast at SXSW 2007

I presented at SXSW 2007. They just posted the podcast. Check it out.