Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

? Blogging Narcissim ?

Blogging has become an interesting hobby for me over the past couple of months. In some ways it is like keeping a journal - but without the lame pastel, flowered book or need to divulge too many "deep" thoughts. I've tried many times to keep a journal but always found it to be a lame experience. I'd end up doodling and writing a to-do list....hey, that would be cool functionality to add to blogging - doodling. I should jump on an implementation and go get a job a Blogger. I need some more scrilla $$$!

Anway, back to what i was saying, blogging is a bit of a narcissitic experience where I document the mundane and assume everyone around me wants to ease drop on my random thoughts and moments of intense emotion, and view yet one more picture of me. There are so many people doing blogging now. Are we all self-absorbed geeks or does blogging somehow feed some human need for attention, even if it is lame? I guess it really doesn't matter because at the most basic level it is fun.

The ultimate benefit of the blog - it gives the illusion of productive procrastination. I push publish and the last 15 minutes of my life are forever documented in 0's and 1's. Technology freakin' rocks! Kip Dynamite was right.