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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Vote Cindy Chavez for Mayor

I'm voting for Cindy next Tuesday and I encourage you to do the same.

This is what the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce is saying about her:

"Cindy is the right person at the right time...
San Jose, CA - May 31, 2006 Today, Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez received the backing of the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce (SVBCC).

As we step into this new millennium, San Jose is in a unique position. The balance between big city and suburb, high tech innovation and unskilled labor, high cost housing and low wage workforce, well-planned infrastructure and quick profit exit philosophies are all competing.

Now is the Time for Thoughtful Analysis
For too long, major political business and social decisions have been made with what seems to be sophomoric critiques of very sensitive issues with dire consequences.
We were impressed with the history and commitment to diversity expressed by each of the mayoral candidates. Out of all of the candidates, Chuck Reed is the only active member of the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce. Chuck has been proactive in attendance (faith-based organizations) and support for victims of the Gulf Region after hurricane Katrina.

Dave Cortese offered a thorough look into how City Hall could better involve and include the minority business community. Additionally, in the past, he has offered legal council to the NAACP and has a history of close involvement with the Hispanic and Vietnamese Communities.

“Michael Mulcahy showed a sincere openness of how the City can help the African American community,” said Board Member Tim Foster.

David Pandori did not respond to the interview in a timely manner and therefore was not part of the endorsement process.

Cindy Chavez came to us with a history of intricate involvement with the development and direction of our chamber. Her involvement has been respectful of our goals and concerns. Her assistance over hurdles and her foresight has been quantifiable. Cindy Chavez’s ability to provide thoughtful analysis to forge win-win partnerships between groups on each side of issues proves she is a bridge builder. In addition, she exhibits foresight that is the result of her diligence in studying the successes and failures of other cities and applying them to San Jose.

Cindy Chavez is the right person at the right time. It is our opinion that she could be a national leader. Sound balanced judgment, coalition building, as well as her understanding the delicate balance between business and labor, between family and neighborhood, community, downtown and industry all qualify her as an exemplary leader for our city.

“In San Jose, Cindy Chavez is the perfect balance... the one to lead San Jose, as it becomes the model for the nation,” said Policy Chair Reginald Swilley. “She recognizes diversity, joining industry with community, downtown with neighborhoods and developing infrastructure that will benefit everyone. Cindy is the right person at the right time.”

That is why the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce endorses Cindy Chavez for Mayor of San Jose.

Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce

The Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce Chamber is dedicated to helping foster the economic development and growth of the African American business community and its members.

The Silicon Valley Black Chamber is dedicated to developing and maintaining a strong alliance between the public and private sector, providing technical assistance through workshops, training programs, and referrals specifically designed to enhance the growth and development of Black businesses while serving as a resource center for our community.


Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce
Reginald V. Swilley
Policy Committee Chair
phone: 408 294-6583

Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce
Cassandra Nash
Director of Community Relations
phone: 408 294-6583"