Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I quote Petunia - "I have made many things in my life... finger paintings, paper butterflies that used to hang in my room, a baby."

She always has a way of putting ordinary and extraordinary together; in ways I don't expect.

I so wonder, "What have I made in my life?" (in no particular order and without forethought)

  • A baby that has grown to an amazing girl

  • A bunch of web pages

  • Lots of people laugh at my social commentary

  • People face many truths - without censorship, without apology, with full commitment to righting wrong, with intention to make a better future

  • Many cups of coffee

  • More chorizo than you could shake a pig at

  • Crazy dances in my living room

  • Others think twice, thrice, many times about their relationship with technology and thus the world; with one another

  • Art projects from Michael's

  • Never completed crotched blanket

  • Amazing friends like Petunia

Thanks for the inspiration, Petunia. Happy to see you bloggity, blog, bloggin' again.