Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Chicana Artist Carmen Lomas Garza

I took Amaya and her cousins to the Children's Discovery Museum last Sunday. It is a fun place where the kids can learn and I don't have to stress out about them running around or breaking things. One of the exhibits was called My Family/Mi Familia. It is based on the book and artwork of Chicana artist Carmen Lomas Garza. I was completely taken by surprise by how the images she has created are such close reflections of my family. I bought the book at the gift shop for Amaya as a birthday gift. We've read through it twice. I like watch Amaya as she looks at the pictures. I can tell she identifies with some of it and some of it is really foreign. Her favorite picture is of a party. Amaya tells me it is like the parties her Tia Karen has. It is nice to see art imitate life.