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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oral Fixation, Vol 2 - Released

Last night I picked up my little one and headed straight for Tower Records to buy Shakira's latest release Oral Fixation, Vol 2.

My official review:

Track 1 - How Do You Do - The intro is a bit much, especially for a U.S. audience. But once you get passed it the richness of sound you expect from Shakira comes through.

Track 2 - Don't Bother - They've been hyping this for a few weeks on t.v. I just don't care of the overly sweet voice interlude in the middle. I really like the video. They never show the dude's face. Its a really interesting choice. You often see videos will show a woman's body without a face. Shakira turns the table and I took notice.

Track 3 - Illegal - Even though the song is in English, Shakira's voice is as natural as it is in her Spanish albums, so the English doesn't become distracting. The song is also slow enough to sing along to. That is always a plus for me.

Track 4 - The Day and Time - She did this song in Spanish on Volume 1 and I love it. In fact, it was may favorite song from Volume 1. I am sorry to say that it is extremely painful to listen to in English. A lot of the song's words in Spanish end in vowels. She draws them out and gives it this rockin' twang. It just doesn't happen in English.

Track 5 - Animal City - With a middle eastern flavor we expect from Shakira, she rocks it out. And I LOVE the chorus..."Its an Animal City. It's a Cannibal World....And I'm ready to fight." The trumpets kickin' and I get lost in the music.

Track 6 - Dreams for Plan - "What do you think darlin'?....Have you felt the melancholy, baby? Wishin' the time hadn't passed....Can you tell me how it used to be?" Shakira's smooth sound and beautiful lyrics are striking in this song. Its a soulful sound. I love it.

Track 7 - Hey You - I don't think I've heard Shakira sing Ska before. She does it really well. This song could have been done by Gwen Stefani as well. It's fun.

Track 8 - Your Embrace - Shakira does great songs of love and heartbreak. This is a great example of her style. The power of her lyrics really comes through and the chorus is beautiful.

Track 9 - Costume Makes the Clown - Shakira rocks. But if you don't rock, you won't like this song. It is a rock ballad and that may sound too 1989 Bon Jovi to you, but that would be an inaccurate description of the song. You'll need to listen to make up your own mind.

Track 10 - Something - Another song from Volume 1 translated into English for Volume 2. I like the Spanish version better. That being said, I have to out myself as a pocha so my Spanish is not as strong as it could be. So I do like that I can sing along to this song with the English version a bit better. But on sound and emotion alone, the Spanish version is much better.

Track 11 - Timor - This song gets Amaya's seal of approval. 'Nough said :)