Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist

Monday, June 26, 2006

Here is something to geek-off on. A webpage that is 9 quadrillion pixels wide by 9 quadrillion pixels tall. Thus it contains a large number of pixels:


otherwise known as 8.1 nonillion. In scientific notation, that's 8.1x10^30, hereafter shown in the form 8.1e30.

Click around to read "facts" about the page like, "The World Wide Web is currently the biggest part of the internet-- and it is huge.

Google currently knows of over 8 billion webpages-- and there are certainly a great many pages that Google does not know about. There are an unknowable number that have come and gone and will never be seen again.

Let us imagine that there have been a total of a twenty billion webpages each year since 1990-- a gross overestimation (at least in regard to the early days).

Let us then imagine that each of those webpages was at least 25,000 pixels long and 1,000 pixels wide-- equivalent to about twenty-five pages of writing.

Given these figures, this one page would have enough raw area to house a quadrillion years worth of the World Wide Web.

If you were to search randomly at a rate of ten pageviews per second, it would take you 3 million years-- on average-- to find even just one of those twenty billion pages."

I like he idea of going warp speed by scrolling. The stars zoomed by ;-)

...And of course its a gimmick, you can make a geek rich by donating some spare change via PayPal.